Silly Apple Bites

😀 I love these! Those teeth are brilliant! I’m not going to show my hubby this post, I’m just going to make some and stick them in his lunch box as a surprise, heeee! Nice one 😉
Oh these are BRILLIANT! I love them so so much, going to make them for my nieces, thanks so much. Ha ha! 🙂


2 green apples, each quartered sunflower butter
32 sunflower seeds
2-3 strawberries, sliced
1-2 homemade googly eyes per apple bite



Cut the middles out of each quarter of the apple to create a mouth. Don’t worry about perfection, you are filling this gap with sunbutter anyway so if you cut too deep, you can always just cover it up and no one will know.
Coat the inside of the cut gap with a filling of sunflower butter.
Place 4 sunflower seeds on the top of the “mouth” for the teeth.
Place 1 sliced strawberry inside the mouth for the tongue.
“Glue” each eye above the mouth with a dab of sunbutter to stick.
Serve with a smile.



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