Simple Macaroni Salad Just Like Mom Used To Make

Every Memorial Day weekend, we always have what seems like ten different events to attend. Some of them we don’t have to bring anything, but there are others where the request is to bring in a dish to pass. I don’t mind doing my share of the cooking, especially when I’m showing up with a family of five. With a couple toddlers running around though, I don’t always have the time in my schedule to make a big fancy dish. So, when I found this recipe on Group Recipes in knew it was going to be perfect for me.

This recipe has so few ingredients, and only two steps to put it together. When we got invited to our first party last year, I pulled these instructions out and got to work. It went together so fast, I don’t think my kids even noticed that I was in the kitchen and not playing with them like I usually do on the weekends.
I was nervous to see how this was going to go over, but it was a huge hit. I followed the amounts exactly as they were listed and the bowl got emptied right out. So, for the next party, I had to double it up. It went over well at that event too. It’s my new go-to for all our summer events.

This macaroni salad is excellent to take to potluck dinners and social events. It goes together so quick that you can make it even last minute. In just about an hour it’s done. If you have time, I recommend letting it chill a little bit longer. It really lets all of the flavors combine nicely. The mayo will also have time to soak in a bit, and you will be able to tell if you need to add more. In most instances I do, but I like a creamier mac salad. If you like it dry, it’s probably fine the way it is. Check out what they are saying about this recipe over at Group Recipes:
“I made this the other night, and my boyfriend actually loved it! He’s never had a mac salad that he’s liked, he just hates mac salads, but this was just perfect!”

If you have someone in your family that’s afraid of mac salad, make them this…they won’t be disappointed.

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