Simple Maple Vanilla Baked Pears

4 ingredient super simple maple vanilla baked pears that are cooked until warm and soft, completely infused with maple and vanilla, and topped with crunchy granola.

Baked pears. I know it all sounds pretty simple. And you don’t even see chocolate or frosting or caramel explosions in these photos. But let me tell ya something. These maple vanilla baked pears? They’re pretty epic. Such a big statement for a humble fruit, no? Well, they’re a prime example of how simple ingredients, good-for-you, and REAL whole foods can come together to produce a dessert that can stand up to a chocolate frosting caramel exploding something.

Baked pears came to mind first. When I’m feeling lazy but want a little something sweet after dinner (always), I often bake an apple, drizzle with honey or melted peanut butter and top with crunchy granola. It’s simple, it’s kinda healthy, and on a cold winter night– hits the spot. In my real mind, baked pears dripping with pure maple syrup sounded just as fabulous and in my weird food blogging photographer mind, they sounded pretty.

About my maple vanilla baked pears– you have to try them! It’s a seemingly elegant dessert that’s thrown together and on the table in under 30 minutes. All you do is whisk maple syrup and vanilla extract together, drizzle over the pears, sprinkle with cinnamon, and bake. When they come out of the oven you can go a little crazy with toppings. Here I have them topped with more maple syrup/vanilla, a little crunchy granola, and a dollop of Greek yogurt.

The baked pears are warm and cinnamon spiced. Oozing with sweet maple syrup and fragrant vanilla. Soft and juicy, topped with crunchy and toasty homemade granola, and that Greek yogurt? It’s cold and creamy. Texture paradise on a plate.

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