Sinfully Sweet And Oh So Tempting; Give Devil Dog Cake A Shot!

What are some of your most fond memories of childhood? Mine would have to be finding the Little Debbie snack or Hostess lunch cake that my mother would pack in my sack lunch for school. Those were the days. I’d always be thrilled when she would toss in a cosmic brownie or Swiss cake roll. Yum! One time, I found a Devil Dog chocolate cake in my lunch and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

There was going to be no trading of desserts on that day! I am so excited to announce that I have found a recipe for homemade Devil Dogs and they taste just like the real thing. And guess what else? They aren’t hard to make. Score!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Food Network and The Cutting Edge of Ordinary.

See the Next Page(>) for this RECIPE AND INGREDIENTS.

 Quick Tip: Use only real butter!! (My personal preference is the organic salted butter from Costco as to me it has a more rich and buttery taste.) Do not use margarine, tub spreads, Country Crock, etc as the frosting is likely to separate.
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