Sink Your Teeth Into Grandma’s White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies!

I miss my Grandma’s white chocolate macadamia cookies.
They’re soft and chewy and has the right amount of nuts in them that used to make my mouth water with just the smell. When my Grandma passed away, she brought some of her recipes with her to the grave; most of them, her desserts. She and my Grandfather must be planning to have one heck of a tea party in there. Whenever I eat at restaurants and dessert places, I always try to order anything with white chocolate and macadamia on it just in case I will find a taste similar to that of my grandma’s. I didn’t realize I can actually find it in a popular coffee place.
It tastes the same, except that this coffee place’s version has dried cranberries on it. It has the same chewy quality that I thought I would never find again. It tastes really good with coffee too. Ever since that day that I discovered that I pass by whenever I want a dose of my grandma’s cookie and that little bit of nostalgia.
I buy a dozen of their cookies, go home, and warm some milk in the microwave before I settle on my comfy couch and have the most peaceful afternoon that felt somewhat familiar.

I rarely see cookie recipes that use white chocolate. I think it’s because of that somewhat mild taste that doesn’t really taste right with the cookies. But in this version of macadamia cookies, there’s no other perfect chocolate other than the white one. It’s become a favorite among my friends and my families. I make a good batch whenever they’ll visit me. Sometimes I don’t even need the “visitor” reason.
I bake a batch and place them on my cookie jars so I can have one whenever I like. They’re addicting!

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