Slip This Salisbury Steak Recipe Into Your Crock Pot And Watch What Happens

A delicious family meal that can’t be beat!

As my grandparents began to get up there in years they received help from a public assistance program known as “Meals on Wheels.” As a little girl, I can remember waiting with my wheelchair bound grandma by the door for her delivery. The man that delivered the meals looked like he should be receiving the food as well due to his age but you know? He just kept right on a truckin’! Quite impressive! Anyway, one of the dishes they would bring once a month was Swiss steak.
My grandma would share hers with me and that would be my first introduction to this marvelous treat. I loved how the flavors complemented one another. So yummy! This recipe is much like the Meals On Wheels recipe. The meat is tender and flavorful and smothered in a delectable tomato sauce. perfect for a weeknight meal. Enjoy!

I love Salisbury steaks! They remind me of the texture of Salisbury steak, in a way. However, unlike Salisbury steaks, swiss steaks are smothered in a tomato sauce instead of brown gravy. I really enjoy how tender the meat is in these Salisbury steaks. They are perfect for eating with mashed potatoes and green beans. Oh, and don’t forget some freshly baked bread. Such a wonderful after-church-on-a-lazy-sunday meal.
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