Slow Cooker Beef Tips Will Make You Smile, Like, A Lot

You’ve never made beef tips quite like this before!

Ladies and gentlemen, this here is the easiest beef tips recipe you’ll ever come across! It is also the tastiest. In just 5 ingredients and a crockpot, you’ll have dinner prepped in a few minutes. There’s a very special ingredient in this recipe that isn’t typical of beef tips. Can you guess what it is? Ok, ok, stop twisting my arm. I’ll tell you. LOL GINGER ALE! Yep, the soda pop. You won’t believe how yummy it makes this food.

I am so excited that I discovered the Making Memories With Your Kids food blog as that is where I found this amazing recipe for slow cooker beef tips hanging out.

Are you ready to learn how to make this marvelous recipe? Wait no longer! Hop on over to the next page and set your sights on the ingredients and instructions. Happy cooking!

This recipe for slow cooker beef tips is so easy to make!

Take a look at what my friend Erin from the Making Memories With Your Kids food blog had to say about this magnificent recipe:

Now that my kids are back to school and I’m back to work I dread dinner time. We get home, we do homework and then I realize it’s time to eat. Ugh. I forgot about dinner. So this year I’ve decided I’m going to do a lot more slow cooker/crock pot cooking. I forget about how easy it is to throw everything in there in the morning and when we get home, boom, dinner is ready.

I am a huge fan of slow cooker meals, too. I homeschool my kids and I often throw lunch in the slow cooker in the morning and it is ready by Noon to be chowed upon.
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