Slow cooker chicken tikka masala

At first, I was going to give this four stars and bf asked why… I told him that it was good but it didn’t wow me… I served his plate first (over plain white rice) and forgot the cilantro, lemon, and left out the cream.. the cilantro was the key. I added some on my finished plate and that made all the difference. I had cooked some cauliflower in the residual gravy and added it to my plate .. five stars it is. I used thighs for the breasts.. two 8 oz cans of tomato sauce.. and greek yogurt for the plain. I usually use Easy Garam Masala from this site when it’s called for.. but unfortunately I was out of cardamom so I just used the recipe minus the cardamom.. bf said this reminded him of Spanish rice but I think it’s b/c of the cumin, jalapeno, garlic, and tomato sauce.. either way, we really enjoyed this.. ty so much for the recipe.

Super delicious. Was even better 2 days after. I cooked it w/ diced chicken thighs for 2.5 hours on high and used half and a half and light plain yogurt and it was so good.

A heads up about the recipe turning out watery. Read the labels of the chicken breasts you buy. If they say brined anywhere the meat has been puffed up by increasing the water content of the meat. When you cook in a slow cooker the water has no way to evaporate and you end up with watery curry. I made this using non-brined chicken breasts and it came out beautiful.

This is the perfect answer to Indian take out. Usually, we order Indian about once a week and this was just as good. I made exactly as instructed and it turned out perfectly. The lemon at the end really makes it balance perfectly. I made some basmati rice, salad, and naan to round out the meal. Delicious will definitely make again. The spice is not overpowering or too hot. My husband and 18 months old both had seconds.

Delish! And easy to make! I took this over to my sister and brother in law, they had never had Indian food before. They both ate about 3 plates and even made more rice because we ran out. My husband, who loves Indian was grateful that I doubled the recipe so he could have leftovers. Definitely a keeper recipe!


1 cup greek yogurt
2 tablespoon ginger peeled and minced into a paste
7 cloves garlic minced
⅓ cup tomato paste

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