Slow Cooker Kielbasa And Cabbage Recipe

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Oh my goodness, what a great recipe! I was just looking for something to use what I had in the freezer and pantry and happened on this. Didn’t expect much, kind of a steamed cabbage/sausage meal, but what a treat it turned out to be!

Since my mother was Polish I’ve eaten this dish many times. You’re right about the potatoes-more people use them in this dish than don’t and very few put the caraway seeds in it. I’ll tell you a little secret though.

This meal is fantastic with kielbasa, cabbage and a bowl of buttered egg noodles on the side with a little salt and pepper. You’ll think you’ve finally reached seventh heaven it’s so tasty and filling. Real comfort food here.

Yummy! Didn’t have caraway seeds, but still very tasty!I put over wide egg noodles! Next time I will add carrots and do with boiled potatoes! For those of you giving low stars to this recipe because of fat and calories, you really should go to a healthier web site.

Excellent! Made “mainly” as written with the exception of using splenda instead of sugar (which I always do if you read my other reviews– trying to control carbs for hubs), draining all but about a TBSP of the drippings (trying to control fat for me & kids)…. used lower salt bacon and lite hillshire farms kielbasa. Everything else remained the same… right down to the caraway seeds….

I understand the desire to cut back/down/eliminate certain things…. but I don’t feel that one should judge and rate the recipe from their dietary soapbox… if it is too fatty for you, move along… OR make it, including your really far out changes that totally skew the intended flavor… then DON’T RATE IT! It is not fair to the person submitting it or those of us trying to get a sense of it is good to try or not based on others’ reviews!


1 head cabbage, diced
2-3 potatoes, chopped

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