slow cooker V8 beef stew

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I have been making this stew for almost 3 years and wanted to review it again. Although I’m sure Corinne’s suggestions are good, what I like most about this recipe is the simplicity of preparation…no browning the beef. I’ve made this over a couple dozen times at least – doubled – and have never had leftovers. It is a terrific recipe as written.

I made this stew for the first time using Corinne’s suggestion. The stew turned out great! The next week, I made the stew following the exact recipe (minus the celery, since I didn’t have any); and I must say that the stew turned out EVEN BETTER when following the exact recipe. (Also, I didn’t have as many dishes to wash.) This stew is SO DELICIOUS.

I don’t understand why Corrine doesn’t just post her own recipe for beef stew. The point is to review the given recipe, not list a million changes to it. This stew is perfect AS WRITTEN. If you make any changes, you are not making this recipe for beef stew!!!!

THIS is a terrific basic recipe!! Nothing to stop you from adding your favorite things – although the TASTE is GREAT just like it is. I used chuck because it’s not as dry as a bottom round. I had a tomato so I chopped it up & added it. I saw where someone had added an envelope of beef gravy – great idea too!!!

I made similar adjustments to previous raters. I dredged the beef in flour/salt/pepper and pan friend until browned in olive oil before adding to the slow cooker. Then I added some butter and onion to the pan and cooked until softened. Next I deglazed the pan with some of the broth being sure to scrape up the yummy bits. In total I used 2 10 oz cans of beef broth. I added 10 oz. sliced button mushrooms. Used almost 2T worchestershire sauce, added a bunch of extra herbs and finally thickened with cornstarch. It was perfect.


  • 2-lbs stew beef, cubed
  • 2 medium Yukon gold potatoes, washed and chopped
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 3 carrots, chopped

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