Somewhere Over The Rainbow Pasta Salad

One of my good friends from college was finally getting married.

Her and her boyfriend had been together over ten years before he finally proposed. They have never been big on the marriage thing, but they were ready to do it. They didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money on the wedding, because they didn’t think it was worth all the expense when they could do it so much cheaper. All they wanted was their friends and family around to celebrate with them. That’s what was important.
I volunteered to make a dish to pass so that they could save some money on the food. I love to help out by feeding people. I like to see the satisfaction on people’s faces when I make something that people like. It’s like winning a race to me.

I had to make a triple batch just to be sure there was enough, but it worked out wonderfully that way. There was plenty to go around and it looked nice sitting on the table.

You can make this ahead of time and let it chill in the fridge which is great when you have other things that you want to get done. That’s usually what I do anyways and it works out great. There is a need for more dressing usually because the pasta soaks it up like a normal pasta salad would. I add some more, but then I just set the dressing out on the table so that people can add as much as they like. Not everyone likes a wet salad like I do, so I figure that’s the best way to do it.
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