Southern Creamy Pralines

These are so amazing and believe it or not they are pretty easy to make….really! I grew up 90 minutes from New Orleans. I have tried many and I mean many different pralines. Some yum ~ O and some not ~ O, I have tried many countless recipes as well. Some are great if the weather is cool and it has not rained in 10 days and it is not humid. Okay get the drift too many restrictions, Ya know.

I want a recipe that is going to work ALL of the time no matter what the weather or what ever else is going on in the world….ya know, what I mean. I do not have time or patients for that nonsense. Those of you that know me will get a kick out of this ~ you ready I make them in the microwave I do, I do and they come out each and every time.

I never cook any thing in the microwave heee heee many people cannot even find the microwave when coming to my home it is hidden in the cabinets why ~ I do not use it ? Oh goodness, enough on that ~ these pralines are so great, they are creamy, buttery and just plain wonderful. I have been making them this way for 30 years yep LONG time huh!! Try them and you will love them, they are great for gifts or just as a special treat.

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