Southern Fried Okra

A prerequisite to being branded as a true Southerner is learning to properly fry. Not just anything counts. It has to be something that is on the official list of true Southern staples. The top of this list, next to fried catfish and the best chicken you will ever have, is Southern Fried Okra.

If you can’t make good okra, well, you might as well move to Michigan… or Florida for that matter (since everyone knows it’s not really a southern state, anyway). I’ll show you exactly how to impress the in-laws of that Southerner that you recently nabbed at the Derby with this recipe. Promise.

I can remember eating fried okra as a child like it was a plate of french fries. Not much has changed since then…

Before you can walk around telling your friends that you are fixin‘ to fry some okra, you need to learn a few basic principles about the way of life that is frying down here in the South. You have to use fresh, local produce. Don’t even think of grabbing that frozen okra and expect it to taste like anything better than cardboard. It just doesn’t work. I found the okra for this batch at the local Farmer’s Market for $2.00 a pound. Naturally, I ended up with 5 pounds of it.

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