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Stress-Free Preacher Cake For Your Next Potluck

If You Haven’t Tried This Yet, You’ve Been Missing Out BIG TIME

My friends from church and I put on a potluck meal once a month for anyone who would like to attend. It’s always such a wonderful event and many people have asked us if we could arrange it twice a month! You just can’t beat Church Lady food, as my mother used to say. I try to bring something a little different each time we have potluck. Last month I came across this dessert recipe for Preacher Cake. It sounded so perfect for our event that I immediately decided to give it a try!
It’s full of yummy things like pineapple and nuts – and of course the cream cheese icing is to die for. Yum! The cake looks really nice and tempting. I’m quite proud to say that it turned out a big hit at the potluck! I have heard that Preacher Cakes are very popular in the South. I wonder if there are different versions of it?

If you have made this cake before or know another delicious recipe for Preacher Cake, please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear about it! This is one cake recipe that you simply never forget.

I am in love with this Preacher Cake! It’s so easy to make you won’t even believe it, and every single time it comes out looking and tasting incredible.
I do believe my pastor must have had three pieces of it, so it’s no wonder this is called Preacher Cake! This cake will be on my family’s dessert menu for years to come. In fact, it’s so delicious that I just might have it for dinner on its own one day! Give it a try and you’ll know what I’m talking about – it’s a cake that will never disappoint!
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