Succulent Lemon-Pepper Chicken Breast – Baked To A Citrusy Perfection!

Juicy, Savory And Super Delightful – This Recipe Won’t Let You Down
Add some pizzazz to your table with this delicious lemon pepper chicken recipe! You can’t go wrong with this one folks. The lemon makes the chicken breast so incredibly tender! I can’t believe how awesome it is. And don’t worry, it isn’t overpowering where your lips are puckering up as they do after drinking sour lemonade haha! I think this recipe is perfect for the entire family to enjoy. Will you be making it tonight?

I made this yummy lemon pepper chicken breast the other night and my family totally dug it! Of course, my kids had to suck on the lemons to see who could last the longest haha!

Serve this yummy chicken at your next family gathering or take it to a potluck and watch the people devour it. Enjoy!

I really like this meal because of how simple it is to throw together on a busy day. Don’t let the lengthy ingredients list scare you because you probably have most of the items in your pantry. Whenever I don’t have an ingredient in my kitchen I try to see what I do have that will make a suitable substitution. My husband enjoys this lemon pepper chicken with buttered noodles, dinner rolls, and steamed broccoli.
Check out what my friend Julia had to say about this recipe:
My kids absolutely LOVED this lemon pepper chicken recipe! We had no leftovers.

The same thing happened at my house, Julia.

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