Sweetly Swedish Meatballs – You Can Never Eat Just One

Have you ever eaten at IKEA? If you do not have one in your town, IKEA is a European store where everything is very economic.

It has everything for your home from furniture to kitchen bowls. There are so many options and the store is immense. It can easily take over three hours to peruse everything in the store. It is actually a fun experience, too, because as you walk through, you can visually put together your new home. They give you a nice little paper measuring tape and a booklet that allows you to mark what you want throughout the whole store. It really is pretty cool.

After you walk through the whole store, there is a restaurant with cafeteria style food. It has everything from pasta to mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. But what they are absolutely known for is their Swedish meatballs. They give you a plate of mashed potatoes with veggies and then topped with over twelve meatballs. They are small, about bite sized. But my gosh, these are so good. You have to get the cranberry sauce with it as well. The sweetness of it adds the perfect touch to this meatball flavor. You might even want to add that to the meatballs you make at home!

These Swedish meatballs are even better than IKEA’s if I do say so myself. And, it makes tons of little meatballs which are perfect for sharing with a large family or having leftovers. Forget all that freaky super healthy food. Everyone loves meatballs and should stick with these always! My, oh my, let’s be honest, you are going to love these and forget all about that side salad. Trust me, I did. I just ate meatballs haha! To be perfectly honest, I probably ate too many meatballs during that dinner but oh well. I enjoyed myself.
Will you be making these Swedish meatballs for supper tonight?

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