Take Peaches From Rock Hard to Soft and Supple in a Flash

If you are a true fruit fan, then you are in luck because it’s officially peach season! Whether you like to bake them up in a pie or just eat them plain, this delectable treat is always a summer favorite….

…that is, unless your peaches are HARD.

Talk about a buzzkill, right? We can’t even tell you how many times we’ve bought a big box of beautiful-looking peaches at a local fruit stand, thinking they’d be ready to eat when we got home, only to have to wait up to a week until they were actually soft!

That’s why we decided to enlighten ourselves on all things peaches, so we wouldn’t have to get into this frustrating scenario yet again. As it turns out, all of that research we did wasn’t in vain because we learned all about some super simple ways to soften up our peaches.

Similar to avocados, there are some clever ways to speed up the ripening process of that famed Georgia treat. Here are a few of our favorite methods:

1- The Paper Bag

The most popular ripening technique around – “The Paper Bag”, as we like to call it – is quite possibly the easiest of the three.

All you have to do is stick your hard peaches in a brown paper bag, set the bag on your counter, and forget about it. If all goes well, even the firmest of peaches should be ready to eat within a couple of days.

Although this is a tried and true ripening method, this is not for those who live in a humid climate, as the paper bag tends to trap in moisture, which can spoil the fruit prematurely. When in doubt, check on the fruit regularly to make sure that it’s handling the heat ok.

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