Take THIS Vitamin and You Will Be Mosquito Free All Summer Long!

Using a mosquito repellent is the first thing that crosses people’s minds when we talk about protection against those annoying little insects, but did you know that many of the commercial sprays found in stores are packed with harmful chemicals that leave serious side effects in some people. Fortunately, there are a few natural DIY techniques that can help enjoy this summer without these irritating bites.

Even though scientists have not yet determined why mosquitoes skip some persons and target others, many believe that it is the specific odor of some people that attracts them. Individuals who have a high amount of cholesterol or steroids accumulated in their skin tend to drive mosquitoes in their direction.

In addition, individuals with higher amounts of specific acids like uric acid are attracting mosquitoes more than others. These compounds have the ability to active the sense of smell in mosquitoes.

Researchers claim that individuals who produce larger quantities of CO2 like pregnant women or overweight people in general are interesting for mosquitoes too. Generally speaking, if you are involved in some physical activity you will generate more CO2. The bad news is that bites from mosquitoes are not only annoying and itchy, they can also transfer some diseases.

These insects can carry different viruses and diseases including:

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