Tangy Crock Pot BBQ Chicken Breast – An EASY Supper!

I don’t know how your life is, but mine is crazy.
Between running to basketball, soccer, dance, band, choir, and whatever other after school activities my kids decide they want to sign up for, making dinner is pretty much out of the question. We so often will grab a sub sandwich from the convenience store or drive-thru for burgers. It’s so impersonal and even more unhealthy. I feel terrible every time we do it, but for a long time, I felt like there were no other options for us. That was until I went to stay with my mom for a weekend. I started explaining to her my issues, and she went right out and bought me a slow cooker that very same day.
I can’t believe I have never had one of these things. I think she was more shocked that I wasn’t already using one. The very first thing that she told me to cook in it was this sweet chicken from the web.
There weren’t a lot of complicated steps or ingredients, so it’s just right for someone starting out, or on the go or both. This chicken came out so juicy and tender, my whole family really loved it.

We even had time to sit down as a family for once and enjoy it!

This recipe is also excellent for potlucks and family gatherings. All I do is substitute out the chicken breasts for chicken tenderloins. I will even cut the bigger ones in half, They make the perfect serving size to take on your plate when you are sampling all the other foods in line. It’s always a big crowd pleaser. The pan hardly ever has anything left in in it when it’s time to go. As long as a line it before I toss the ingredients in, there is hardly any cleanup either. How perfect is that?!

This is awesome for any busy night of the week, but fancy enough for your next dinner party too!

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