Tender, Juicy, And Slowly Cooked: Beef Burgundy

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting outside reading a book on my patio.
I have a patio that overlooks a lake so it is very serene and peaceful to sit out there and do work, research new recipes or just read a book. It is even pretty nice for a nap if I were not so afraid of the mosquitos that will attack me. But anyways, I was reading my book and enjoying a lovely time when…I smelled something strange.
I walked into my house and realized it was not coming from there, so I stepped back out and started following the smell to see where it was coming from. I could not for the life of me figure it out! That is when my neighbor Anne ran outside holding a fire extinguisher in her hand.
She was creating a meal and her gas stove got a little too much heat and she started a small fire. But, by the time she was outside, she was only scared because the fire was out. I helped her back inside and looked into her pan and found a wonderful beef meal. That is when she began to explain to me what beef burgundy was.

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