Texas Sheet Cake Cookies

I am HUGE fan of Texas Sheet cake brownies. How about you guys? My husband was the first person to introduce me to this magical fudgy delight because the man can make this dessert on his own, meaning he doesn’t use a recipe.
Yep. Impressive, isn’t it? He just keeps his own recipe in his head and tosses things into the mixing bowl like a rockstar. And guess what? His Texas Sheet cakes always come out perfectly. It’s truly a culinary miracle.
Anyway, I was telling my husband that we should make his texas Sheet cake brownies for our dinner guests the following night. My husband said, “How about we make them texas Sheet cake cookies?” I was all intrigued by what he meant by “cookies.”
Then, he showed me a recipe over at Cookies And Cups and the heavens opened. This recipe for texas Sheet Cake cookies looks delicious and the texture of the cookies are fudgy and chewy just like the brownies. Our dinner guests are going to go gaga for these things!

If you are looking for a treat to make for party guests then these Texas Sheet cookies are the ticket. They will definitely tickle your guest’s taste buds.
Check out what our friends over at Cookies And Cups had to say about this recipe:
“I’m taking the classic party cake and turning it into a cookie! Texas Sheet Cake Cookies! A fudgy chocolate cookie topped with the classic poured chocolate icing.”
Fudgy Texas sheet cookies? I think I’ve just died and gone to dessert heaven.

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