The Delightful Goodness Of This Cherry Chocolate Cream Pie Is What The World Needs

I’d like to propose a toast to this chocolate cream pie because it is THAT good.

I did have my moments. For example that small chiffon cake with cream cheese frosting that I baked for my parents anniversary last year? It was a hit. I made the chiffon cake recipe simple (just one that I read from a cookbook), but I made sure the cream cheese frosting was to die for. Most of the cakes I tried baking, unfortunately, ended up somewhere else that I’d rather not mention. I promise no one got poisoned. It’s just that they either didn’t look nice to be served to the guests or they turned out to be a mystery cake (the guests would need to guess what type of cakes they were).

Whenever I need to prepare a dessert that will blow anyone’s mind and with only less than a day in my hands, I always go for the no-bake ones like chocolate cream pie. It’s the safest thing for me (and for my guests). This recipe for chocolate cream pie that I found over on Facebook saved me from a dinner fiasco a couple of weeks ago.

A really good dessert can be your reliable go-to food after an embarrassing dinner. You have to believe me—anyone will forget about the nasty when you have a dessert this simple and tasty!

This pie is a must-have for parties. It’s easy to make and the ingredients are something that you can easily find in your cupboard or fridge. When you need to make one dessert that doesn’t need too much effort but will still make your guests go gaga over it, then you should try making this heavenly chocolate cream pie. Give me anything with chocolate and cream and I will do anything for you—my friends learned it the easy way.

All they have to do is to give me a slice of homemade and I will have a hard time saying No.


  • 1 cup Domino sugar
  • 1/4 cup Argo cornstarch or 1/2 cup Gold Medal all-purpose flour

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