The Heartbreaking Reason She Paid for a Police Officer’s Meal

It’s no secret that police officers sometimes have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep the public safe. And while their memories live on through their commitment in service to the community, unfortunately their family members and friends are the ones that are left behind to grieve.

Take 8-year-old Mikayla Raji, for instance. Her police officer dad was tragically killed in the line of duty when her mom was pregnant with her. It’s a sad situation, but the girl is finding her own way to honor her deceased father.

Unfortunately, Mikayla never got the opportunity to meet her daddy in blue, but that doesn’t stop her from having a clear opinion of who he was as a person. When asked what she thinks of the late Officer Raji, the girl says, “I think he was a good man ‘cause he kept people safe.”

In 2008, Mikayla’s mom, Mimi Jimenez-Raji, was also working as a police officer when she got the devastating news that her husband had been killed by a drunk driver during a routine prisoner transport. What makes the circumstances even more crushing is the fact that Mimi was only a couple of months along in her pregnancy.

Knowing this heartbreaking information at such a young age could do a lot to a kid’s psyche. We imagine that it wouldn’t be totally unrealistic for a child in her position to react in anger, but instead, Mikayla has made it her mission to reward officers like her mom and dad.

As a matter of fact, this Jersey girl recently saw a man in uniform walk into the restaurant in which she and her mother were eating when she decided to make the officer’s day. After making some idle chit-chat with the Jamesburg PD cop, she whispered to her mom that she wanted to buy Ptl. Quinn his dinner.

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