The Next Time You Buy Bell Peppers, Count the Bumps. Here’s Why

It’s safe to say that there is a lot of misinformation bouncing around on the Internet these days—some serious and some just, plain senseless! As a matter of fact, one of the silliest pieces of hype that has recently spread like wildfire involves one of our favorite foods: bell peppers.

OK, so maybe standing up for peppers isn’t high on most people’s lists, but we think it’s important to clear the air, especially considering this bit of false information may be affecting the taste of your food!

‘Mythbusting’ for peppers

If you are always on the hunt for new and innovative recipes on various food blogs, then you may have noticed a perplexing trend. You see, there seems to be a lot of talk regarding the ‘genders’ of bell peppers. Some sites claim that a ‘male’ pepper has three bumps, while a ‘female’ has four. Weird, huh?!

According to the site Pepper Scale (yep, these guys truly care about their peppers!), the concept of assigning a gender to this fruit may have arisen due to a misunderstanding concerning the flowering process of peppers.

You see, before a fruit is produced, peppers bloom as hermaphroditic flowers, meaning they have both male and female reproductive systems. As the plant grows, some of the female flowers and male flowers separate and spread throughout, but this does not change the fact that they are unisex.

Got it?

view of colorful bell peppers

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