There’s Nothing Devilish About This Beef Spread. It’s HEAVENLY!

I remember the first time I tried deviled beef spread. It was at my grandma’s house when I was a little girl. Grandma kept saying deviled beef and I was wondering why she was saying bad words haha! Grandma told me that it was the name of the spread and although it was quite silly, the food was very good. I agreed with grandma because grandma was and still is always right. Years later, as an adult, I have learned to make my own deviled beef spread. My husband absolutely loves it. I often pack his lunches for work with deviled beef sandwiches. For some reason, deviled beef seems to stay cooler in his lunchbox than a regular beef sandwich does. Oh, the irony!

This recipe for deviled beef spread is very easy to make. If you have a food processor, then all you need to do is whir the ingredients in the gadget for a brief moment and there you have it! Simple stuff, folks.

Deviled beef spread is good to serve at parties. One time, I made finger sandwiches using deviled beef spread and thinly sliced cucumbers. It was great! Feel free to get creative, but make sure you tell em all about your ideas in the comments ?

Check out what a happy reviewer over at Group Recipes had to say about this recipe:

“Oh, This Sounds Good! Much Better Than That Stuff In The Cans.”

I would have to agree that this homemade version of deviled beef salad is far better than anything you could ever buy in a can.

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