These Amazing Toffee Pecan Cookies Will Make You Happy As A Clam!

The Best Dang Cookies I’ve Ever Tasted!

My cousin’s kids are truly a bit mischievous. There’s just no way around it! Whenever I visit her, I make sure to stay away from her boys’ line of sight.
Because when those boys notice that you notice them, they will turn their attention to you and you will not like it. She has three boys. The oldest being 8, the second six, and the third five. The most mischievous is the second child and he is the mastermind of all the things the three of them did. Now Barbara is a disciplinarian. I know how strict she is because I often see her reprimanding her kids. She’s not the type to spoil them and I think that’s really a good thing.

However, just like in every child, there are times when you cannot control the kids simply by reprimanding them. These kids have their stubborn moments, and when these stubborn moments come out to play, anyone will have a hard time convincing them to behave. Not Barbara though.
She finally found a way to control her sons’ behavior and it’s in the form of a cookie. His sons love her pecan cookies and they will do anything just to have those for their snacks. Barbara doesn’t really like using a form of “bait”, but if it’s the only way she can make her sons behave, then she will do it. At least they will behave and not cause trouble to other people.

These cookies are ideal for serving during tea time in the afternoon or in the evening or whenever you have guests. They will love the mild, yet delightful taste of these cookies.
They will also love the soft texture and the really delicious smell. You can’t go wrong when you serve these cookies. I like to eat them with a hot cup of coffee mixed with cream and sugar. There is nothing better than dunking a chewy cookie into a swirling hot mug of creamy coffee. My mouth is now watering.

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