These Are Better Than The Original Biscuits!

This Copycat Recipe Is Going To Knock Your Socks Off

Lately I’ve been trying to pay attention to how and where I spend my money. I’m saving for a dream vacation and that means I really have to be careful with the stuff I’m paying extra for, without even realizing it. Eating out is definitely one of those things! I’m not saying you should never eat out – I certainly still do, when I don’t feel like cooking or I just want to have a fun evening with friends. But now that I have a plan, I would rather set that money aside.
There are some dishes I have really missed during this time! And that’s why I’ve been trying to search for copycat recipes, to make them at home. Here’s one I immediately fell in love with; these cheddar bay biscuits are even more delicious than the ones they serve at Red Lobster – and you can make them for half the price!

You can make your own Bisquick if you don’t happen to have it at hand!
Combine 2c all-purpose flour, 3tsp baking powder and 1tsp salt, then cut in 2Tbsp shortening with a pastry blender or fork. I don’t use Bisquick very often so whenever I buy some for a recipe, the rest will go bad before I use it again. So I usually make this mixture instead, it works great! Plus, I think it’s another great way to save money on groceries!
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