These Vegetable & Cream Cheese Wontons Are the Perfect Appetizer

One of my favorite things to get whenever we order takeout are Wontons. There is something about the crunch combined with the silkiness of the cream cheese that is seriously satisfying.

At an event, people are always looking for an appetizer that will satisfy and impress which is why this is perfect for such gatherings. These wontons are hearty and appetizing and your guests will be pleased that they are different from the normal tired out appetizers people serve at parties.

Don’t be intimidated to branch out and try something new. We promise this recipe is not difficult and if followed step by step will produce a great dish.  All you really need is the wonton wrappers, cream cheese and the veggies you will be using and you are practically there.

A bonus to this is that you can prepare them well ahead of time and freeze them for future use. This is great for those who like to plan meals or for those who like Chinese take out but not all the greasiness that comes with it. Simple remove, thaw and cook and you have a homecooked “take out” dinner.

To learn how to make these vegetables and cream cheese wontons, Keep reading (Go to Next page >) for the full list of ingredients and complete cooking instructions.

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