Things you should never put down your drain


It doesn’t matter if you’re making a quick meal for yourself or a Thanksgiving feast where your extended family decides to come over for a free meal (and free wine). When it comes time to clean up, you’re going to make it easy on yourself and toss whatever food waste you have down your sink and garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals make the life of a home chef a lot easier, but how often do you really think about your kitchen’s unsung hero? I’m guessing not a lot. However, if you keep abusing it and treating it like a landfill, you’re going to run into all sorts of disgusting and smelly problems, like fatbergs. Although it sounds like the stage name of a rotund comedian, fatbergs are far from funny.

They’re toxic globs of fat and grease that mix with the moisture from your pipes and solidify in your plumbing system. According to the Washington Post, a 10-ton fatberg destroyed part of a sewer system in London that was 70 years old. While it probably won’t cost you the $600,000 the city of London spent to fix its sewer, putting these items down your drain will end up being a costly mistake.

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