This 2-Ingredient Butter Sauce Is Our New Secret Weapon In The Kitchen!

Seriously, This Sauce Makes Everything Better!

Every cook needs a basic but versatile sauce to add to their repertoire so they can add flair to everything from pasta to potatoes. Well, we recently discovered such a sauce and it’s completely changed the way we cook. Seriously, there’s nothing this sauce can’t do, and we’re not exaggerating when we say this two-ingredient butter sauce is the most amazing sauce we’ve ever tried!

It’s called Beurre Monte, which is a French term. It’s a big name for a deceptively simple and easy-to-make sauce that requires just butter and water. Can it get any simpler? Actually, no!

Many people cook with it, using it for everything from lobster to potatoes, typically using it to poach food in. However, we really like it as a finishing sauce, and we love to drizzle it over vegetables.

This sauce is incredibly delicious and the recipe is super easy to make. The next time you’re searving lobster, making a soup, having potatoes, make sure that this is generously poured on top.

To Learn How To Make This Simple But Indulgent Butter Sauce, Please Head On Over To The Next Page(>) For The Full List Of Ingredients & The Step By Step Directions To Follow…

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