This Will Be Gone Faster Than You Can Say “Apple Fritter”!

Oh my goodness, you guys. I may have found the ultimate dessert for any occasion. You may also use this recipe for breakfast, thank you very much. I know I certainly will! I thought there could never be another recipe that could compete with my favorite, the cinnamon rolls – apparently I have been proven wrong!

You may think there’s a lot of mixing and kneading and baking involved when you’re making a pull apart apple fritter. While you are most welcome to make everything from scratch, this recipe right here is perfect for those like me who do not always have the extra time for baking. This one is so simple and easy, anyone could do it! There’s one problem, though. You’re going to want to make two of these – it’ll all be gone in just a short while! Fortunately, the preparation time is only about 15 minutes!

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