Totally Tasty Corn Chowder – Better Than Your Grandma’s Recipe!

This chowder will cure all the worries in the world.

We have a friend who has made it his life’s mission to never miss a barbecue day during the summer. That means he wants to make every single summer dinner outside, on the grill, rain or shine.

There’s nothing wrong with that and I really admire his dedication, but I have to say I probably wouldn’t be able to do the same. I just can’t make myself stand by the grill if it rains, and that’s why I always have a “Plan B” for dinner, just in case.

We’ve had surprisingly many rainy days this summer, where I live, so I’ve been going through my rainy day recipe box a lot lately. It’s filled with soups, stews, crock pot meals and other things that make you will warm and cozy, when it’s thundering outside.

I wonder if anyone else has collected recipes for this purpose, or if I’m the only one? Anyway, this is the recipe I chose from that box earlier this week. It turned out amazing!

I believe it was my sister who gave this to me – she had originally added kale to this lovely veggie chowder.
I’m not a big fan of kale so I decided to leave that out, and add some potatoes instead. I also used extra garlic (my husband loves it) and I think that’s one of the things that made this chowder so tasty. Next time I’m going to make a double batch, just to have leftovers for lunch the next day! Serve this chowder with homemade dinner rolls and you’ll get extra hugs and kisses from your family.

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