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We are all, to one extent or another, fighting the negative aspects of aging.  Surely it can be said, that with age comes wisdom…as well as the comfort of emotional perspective;  we grow better able to allow ourselves to “sweat [less] of the small stuff”.  Although, it is a certainty that gravity pulls everything down as we age, being flabby and fat is something that we can do something about!  It is not just our outer appearance that is on the line, but having good muscle tone is essential to our bone health and strong metabolism.

One of the parts of our bodies that begin to show aging, that make many women feel self-conscious, is our upper arms.  Even if we are at an ideal body weight, laxity of the upper arm skin is a struggle many of us can identify with.  While our skin tone may never be what it was when we were younger, we can, and should stay on top of maintaining muscle tone of our upper arms.

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