Uncle John’s Bubbling Cheeseburger Casserole

Who doesn’t love cheeseburgers? I know that we do! And when Uncle John said he was going to be making dinner, that’s what we asked for. He usually makes the best burgers. My mouth was watering as we drove to his house expecting one of his perfectly cooked quarter-pound slabs of deliciousness. When we got there and I saw that there were no skillets going and the grill was covered I thought maybe he forgot we were coming.

After we said our hellos, he said “Dinner in 10!” We all went and washed up, slightly confused. When we came back this casserole dish is what was sitting out.

Reluctantly, we all took our helpings not quite sure to think of what Uncle John had done here. He said, “It’s cheeseburger casserole. Just try it!” We all took a little sample and then dove right in.

It was sooo good! Everyone went back up for seconds including the kids! I had to get the recipe from him before we left, which he said he easily found on Recipe Lion. Thank’s Uncle John! This is a new favorite at my house.

Recipe is courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits to Pinterest.

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