We Don’t Need No Taco Bell For These!

This Copycat Recipe Is BETTER Than The Original!
I’m not sure exactly how or why it happened, but my kids are drive-thru junkies. Whenever I ask them what they want to eat, they always say the name of some fast food restaurant that we have in town. Now, I’m not a perfect mom, so from time to time I will agree and let them get something from somewhere, but it’s certainly not a habit that I’ve gotten in to by any means. And when it comes to Taco Bell, I have to admit I’m kind of a junkie myself.
Instead of taking them to a window for a meal several times a week, I decided that I was going to figure out how to give them what they were looking for without leaving the house. That’s when I found this recipe on Blog Chef.
These crunch wraps are so good, you could set up your own restaurant selling only these! They are packed full of flavor and it’s nice to know that they came from my kitchen and not from an assembly line in a restaurant somewhere. It just gives them a little bit more of a healthier appeal.

This might seem like a lot of steps at first glance, but they really aren’t that difficult to put together. Once you start making them, you will see that it isn’t as difficult as what it seems. At least that’s what happened for me.
The nice thing about these is that you can make up a big batch of them, eat a couple, and then freeze the rest. They make the perfect grab and go breakfast. Just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes and you are ready to indulge.

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