What’s Hiding Beneath This Double Crust Pie? Find Out Here!

My sister-in-law and her husband were coming to stay at our house for a visit.

I was excited, but also a little nervous. She isn’t judgmental at all, but I always feel a little left out when her and my husband, her brother, get together. They have a very close relationship, and they have since they were young. It seems as though nobody is ever good enough for her baby bro, even though we have been married for nearly a decade. We don’t see them that often so maybe that’s why.

I had talked to her a bit about what they wanted to do as far as food went, just in case we had to make any reservations anywhere. She insisted that we didn’t go out, she wanted me to cook. Well, no pressure there is there. I was at a loss of what I was going to do. Casseroles? Grilling? Pot roast? And what about breakfast?

The breakfast pie I found on the web while anxiously looking around online for the answers put my mind at ease, at least a little bit. It looked and sounded amazing, so I figured it would be good enough for the occasion. It didn’t sound all that hard to make either so that was a bonus. We had to wait and see.

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