White Trash Sliders

This is one of the most favorite dishes for my kids. When I make them these, they get so excited! Meet my white trash sliders.

Here’s the deal… this recipe is absolute trash. With a capital T! And you know what? I don’t feel one bit bad about it! Because sometimes
it’s OK to get a little trashy!

Well, maybe I felt a tiny bit bad about it since the night after we had this for supper I served broiled fish, roasted cauliflower and sliced fresh
veggies (no bread, no starch, no processed anything!) to recompense for going slumming the night before 🙂

But for our Family Game Night this past Saturday, these were perfect! They’re fun, the kids can serve themselves and oh, yeah, they’re ooey-gooey
mind-blowingly cheezily delicious

You’ll Need:

1 lb of ground beef.
1 lb of sausage.
1 lb of Velveeta.
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