You Are Not Going To Believe How Crescent Rolls Are Used In This One!

I am such a huge fan of crescent rolls.  I love everything about them from their flaky texture and light and airy they are, to their buttery taste.  There is just something about eating a crescent roll that is so comforting and totally delicious.  Well, the other day I was at my local supermarket and they were on sale.  I bought so many, I got home and had no idea what I was going to do with them.  I mean, there is only so many chocolates stuffed crescent rolls I could make before my family begged me to stop.

So, I rang up my neighbor Molly who has so many brilliant ideas when it comes to the kitchen and got a few suggestions from her.  She told me she has used crescent rolls for everything from replacing lasagna noodles to the biscuits over a biscuit and gravy casserole.  Yep, that lady has some brilliant ideas.  So after she gave me a rundown of all the things she would do, one stuck out to me: cheesy sausage casserole with a crescent roll crust. I got to making it and was so impressed, I made a second one and took it over to her as a thank you gift!

Photo and recipe courtesy of From Val’s Kitchen.

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Quick Tip: If you do not have sausages, chop up some hot dogs.

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