You Cannot Lose With These Oven-Roasted Potatoes

Crunchy And Savory, These Potatoes Are Going To Knock Your Socks Off

My husband is a great cook. Whenever he brings out the pots and pans, I know we are going to be having a restaurant quality dinner. The only problem is that he is so busy with work and other responsibilities that he hardly ever has the time to cook. And when he does have the time, despite his mad cooking skills, he is kind of afraid to try something he has never made before.

The other night he was planning on making mashed potatoes with some delicious chicken breasts. I never complain about his meal ideas but this time I really didn’t feel like having mashed potatoes. So I asked him if he’d like to make oven roasted potatoes instead.

I knew he’d hesitate because he had never made them before. But I showed him this recipe and he thought it wasn’t too hard, after all. In fact, this is one of the easiest recipe ever! About an hour later we were enjoying these amazing potatoes – I hope he wants to make these again soon because I’m not complaining!

Whenever I’m in a fancy restaurant, I always choose oven-roasted potatoes if it’s an option. Nothing beats that wonderful, crusty skin of the potatoes – especially when it’s so perfectly combined with herbs and olive oil.

This recipe went straight to our box of favorites! The combination of parmesan and herbs makes my mouth water, and it’s impossible not to have seconds! That’s why I recommend making a large batch, as long as you have a large enough pan so that the potatoes will have enough room to get nice and crispy!
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