You Need to STOP Putting Toilet Paper on Public Toilet Seats for This Disgusting Reason!

You’ve done your best. You really have. You’ve attempted to hold in your bowel or bladder movement but you just can’t any longer.

And so, with great dread in your heart, you head towards the nearest public restroom and resign yourself to a battle with a multitude of germs.

If that sounds like you, don’t worry – You’re not alone in your fears. 50% of women in the U.S. won’t sit on a toilet seat in a public bathroom. Many of those who do choose to layer the toilet seat first with toilet paper to form a protective barrier.

But by doing that, you’re actually exposing yourself to a level of bacteria far more disgusting than that which actually lives on the toilet seat.

But How?

Toilet seats are designed to avoid hanging onto bacteria for too long. In fact, they’re one of the only objects found in public bathrooms that can boast that claim.

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