You’d Better Sit Down Before You Taste This Heavenly Pie

This Creamy Dessert Will Melt In Your Mouth And Make You Sing Hallelujah

I had an interesting talk with my young niece one night because she kept insisting that coconut wasn’t a nut. She said coconut was a fruit. I love talking to her when she’s in this kind of mood – she often says all these funny things that make me want to laugh out loud but I try to control myself! So I was happily engaging in a mini debate with my niece about coconuts and nuts. I teased her a bit and told her that coconut was both a nut and chocolate because of coco and because of nut!
So it’s chocolate nut. It’s a giant chocolate nut. She actually stopped for a bit – I guess she wasn’t sure if I was trying to pull her leg or not… But she’s would never admit I was right!

So she really didn’t and even got her book and showed me that coconut is not a nut fruit but a fruit. Our funny debate lasted until dinner. When my husband came home from work, he just shook his head when he found us arguing about something so silly.

All that talk about coconuts had made me crave for coconut cream pie, so I made my favorite which is this super easy recipe.
This is the most delightful creamy pie I’ve ever tried – and trust me, there have been many. Have you made this one yet? Let us know in the comments how it turned out for you! If you have a favorite homemade pie crust recipe, it will be perfect for this one. However, feel free to use store bought to make this even easier.


1 baked pie shell, 9″ or 10″, homemade or store-bought


4 egg yolks

⅓ cup + 2 tsp Argo cornstarch

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